Prayer of Gratitude

by D Hayden

My Lord, you are so good to us!

How could mere words express my gratitude to you for your love, grace and mercy to us.  How blessed we are!  How can our small minds comprehend not only your greatness, but your never ending love!

Love that not only provides for all of our needs: fresh air, sunshine, rain, heat, and cold to name a few, but also grants us our deepest desire to be known and loved just as we are.  You do that!  Your grace provides many varied ways for us to find what we yearn for most, even if we don’t realize it, to be like You!

Some of us express your creativity in the arts-music, painting, dance, food, gardening-while other express your attention to detail, splitting hairs over seemingly unimportant things, but make a world of difference in the end.  Still others express you through their desire to serve as protectors while more lead and guide us.  All of us wish to be respected, appreciated and loved, and You do as well.  We are like you.

When I try to fathom your love for me, I am confounded!  Even though I have loved sons, daughters, grandchildren and others who have reached out to me in loving kindness, it just doesn’t compare to the love you have shown me as your child.  I have yet to express deep, abiding, tender mercy to my enemies.  You did though!  You loved us while we were yet sinners!

Before we were created, you love us.  You knew we would reject and disrespect you, but your faithfulness to us is the most amazing example of patience we can ever know!  With these small minds and simple words, help us to put our entire being into our worship, our testimonies, and may our speech and behaviors with each other show the light of your love!

I pray that you keep us close to your heart each day that we have breath, for your sake!  May your name be know throughout our lives.  In Jesus name, Amen!